Hatch in cplane

is there any setting in V6 for mac so that the new hatches are aligned to the costum CPlane? All my hatches, with 0 degree rotation, are aligned to the world CPlane.

Hello - looks like not - the hatch angles are set relative to world as far as I can see.


Hi Pascal,
sadly unlike v5 where new hatch takes into account the rotation of the CPlane (at least that is what I see here right now). Is there a chance to have it back? Or any toggle which would control whether hatch is aligned to world or CPlane? It is a nightmare to rotate it back and forth every now and then.

Hello - yeah, I see that, and I do not see, so far, any setting for it - I’ll see if we can get that changed, though I’d expect it in 7 not 6, most likely.


Ok, It would be very helpful. Btw. wasn’t there any script you made as a workaround for this? And how these work on mac?