RVB scripts on mac

Probably a dumb question. Is there any way how to make rvb. scripts working on mac rhino 6? :slight_smile:

Hello - no. You need to persuade someone to make a python version.


Ok, thanks for reply @pascal :slight_smile:

How easy it is to persuade you @pascal? :smiley: I am particularly interested in HatchDirection made by you - https://wiki.mcneel.com/people/pascalgolay …and I have nooo idea how much time could this one take.

Well, here is an attempted translation of Pascal’s script (actually split into two):

HatchDirection.py (1.9 KB)
HatchOrient.py (1.9 KB)

You can’t drag and drop python scripts and have it load aliases automatically. So you will need to add the aliases HatchDirection and HatchOrient yourself, then save the scripts somewhere and point your aliases to the scripts like below:

NoEcho ! _-RunPythonScript("full path to script including name")

@Helvetosaur bloody hell, thank you so much! I will try it as soon as possible :slight_smile: this will facilitate my work so much.

Something very wrong with Discourse here, I can’t add the second script, it keeps putting up the wrong file… Will try a restart here and get back to you.

Oh, good, thanks, I was about to dig in… you probably did it better than me…

I’ve had that script or upload thing happen as well, but eventually it’s always just gone away…


I can see both now! I will try it out tomorrow :slight_smile: thank you one more time!

Works excellent!

mmm one thing guys @Helvetosaur @pascal, but I think it won´t be possible as pascal mentioned here Hatch in cplane

The script evaluates the angle towards the world plane and then changes the rotation angle of the hatch, right? So when working in CPlane, it still takes the angle according to world, so there is actually no way how to use it in other CPlanes, is that correct?

It should be possible - the version I was testing briefly uses the CPlane - I’ll have another look at that.


If the CPlane is parallel to World, but simply rotated around the World Z Axis, then it should be possible to simply calculate the rotation angle between the active CPlane and World and then add/subtract that to the hatch angle. However, I don’t really know what to do if the CPlane is not parallel to the World XY…

I think I get the angle from the CPlane and transform it to the hatch plane … I’ll take a look… I suspended operations on that script and put it all out of my mind…
No, mine gets it wrong on an arbitrary CPlane.

And is there a way how to calculate the CPlane x World angle deviation and put it into the script? I mainly concerns about the CPlanes rotated around the World Z axis (dont know if this makes it easier?) Workaround right now is to go back and forth between World and CPlane…

@petumatr - see how this works…

HatchDir.py (1.1 KB)

Hi @pascal, thank you!
Still struggling with the rotation - see the picture. An arrow shows the direction I picked as a reference.

So to me it seems I pick angle of a CPlane which is 0, but 0 angle for hatch seems to react in World coordinates.

if there is no way how to retrieve an angle between CPlane and World, (and with my very limited knowledge of scripting) what if the script includes 1st - jump to world cplane, 2nd - hatch direction part, 3rd - undo CPlane?

Hi I need the script for FaceCamera that @pascal wrote as an rvb for mac. Can someone help me?

Hi Siddharth - here is a python version that should work on Mac

FaceCamera.py (8.1 KB)

To use the Python script use RunPythonScript, or a macro:

_-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"