Hatch export to dwg

when exporting hatches to dwg, there is some mistake in terms of wrong hatch rotation and hatch origin. Is there any specific settings when exporting or is this known issue? It might be also this specific hatch. Sadly I cannot share the file…


Can you please post a small file and the steps to follow to repeat the error?
What version of AutoCAD are you opening the DWG file in?

Please include the details about your Mac Rhino Version and Service Release number.


Hi @John_Brock
hurray, I am back…

find attached a simple sample file with hatches. I am not using any AutoCAD, some of our coworkers reported this to us, but after exporting to dwg, even when reopening in Rhino, hatches go tits up.

I am working on Rhino 7.5

  1. open file
  2. export > dwg (does not matter which export options you choose)
  3. open the dwg in Rhino again
    Orientation and base point of the hatches is wrong
    Note: the drawing is in user CPlane

Desired would of course be, to have the same result as in the original 3dm file.

I also noticed that leaders are always scaled down for some reason. Is this a know issue?
export hatch sample.3dm (486.1 KB)

I tested it in Windows but I can repeat the problem.
Thanks for reporting it and providing an example.

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Yeah, sorry for a small delay :smiley:

I suspect the “hatch base” is not being translated between 3dm and DWG the same way.
I tested it by exporting to DWG and importing the DWG back into the originating 3DM file.

That’s just a guess.

That makes sense to me. I also tested that in Rhino only, but I have it confirmed by others working with AutoCAD.

Btw did you noticed how the leaders are / are not exported? I don’t remember if this is on youtrack…

I just tested the fixes for the Hatch patterns not lining up.
The fix will be included in V7.

I do not yet understand the issue with the leaders.
I think it may be related to use of specific fonts that are not present in both Mac and Windows, but that’s just a guess at this point.