Hatch: circular gradient?

Is it possible to create a hatch that has a gradient like blow?

Not with the standard tools built in Rhino. It could be done in Grasshopper with GhGL, but that’s about it

Hi @stevebaer,

It would be good to have it as a standard tool in Rhino. This type of gradient is very common. In fact, it was the first one I wanted to do using the WIP.

Where is it commonly used? It don’t know of other file formats that would support this type of gradient (svg, pdf,…)

It’s used in architecture practice in general to explain diagrammatically different situations. But agree, I don’t know how it can be described in vector for PDF…

I believe those are commonly called conical gradients. It doesn’t look like they are well supported for vector formats. Probably the best I can do in the near future is try to code this up as a display preview using GhGL.

Conical gradients are supported in Adobe Illustrator, so they should somehow get into vector pdf format, no?

Here’s a conical gradient with GhGL.
gradient_conical.gh (18.8 KB)

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nice, it would be good to have it as a tool in rhino…

Hi -

Not really, no. The PDF format doesn’t support it. From a quick Google search, there might be hacky tricks involving “very very many” linear gradients that are put together…

You could compile the Grasshopper definition that Steve posted to become a Rhino command. Would that solve everything or are there further requirements?

Hi @wim, I am trying to get rid of adobe illustrator, since much of the stuff that can be done in illustrator can be done also in rhino 7. That’s why i think it would be nice to have this type of stuff already in rhino, to be available also for inexperienced users.

I could also suggest a few extra arrow head types to choose from, some additional hatch patterns, line styles, improving layouts (having multiple pages one next to eachother in a single display viewport). I think rhino 7 has great potential for illustrating, just with a few extra things.

Where can I find a tutorial for compiling ? Thank you!

Hi -

I was a bit trigger-happy about this one…
The GL Mesh Shader component doesn’t output anything that is baked to the Rhino document. Perhaps this could be baked as a textured mesh somehow - but that’s something Steve would know.
My main intention was trying to find out your requirements for a command that would show a circular gradient. What would be your workflow that would involve this? Did you use the definition?

I don’t think it would make a lot of sense for us to try and add more of these, knowing that we would never (never ever) be able to provide them “all”. You can already add the ones that you need in your template so that they are available when you need them.

I’ve never heard about something like this before. Could you please start a new thread and detail what that would be like?

Having 4 more arrow heads extra and 5 hatch patterns would be enough for me…

Already opened a new thread for pages:


:smiley: for sure you have seen Indesign…