Hatch batch import

Does this option/properties screen exist?

import from the document properties works fine… is the load (as in global options) able to import multiple *pat files. If not is there another method of adding these files to the pattern library?


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Definitely experiencing the same issue.

Often the .pat files are numerous, and to be able to view them to decide which
ones to import would be super useful

does this help:

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Hi Jarek,

This is partly a solution, but it would be ideal to be able to preview the hatch in a list so you can see
which one to select or not select.
Often, hatches come in large packs, and navigating hundreds of them can be time consuming.
To be able to view and select your desired hatches and have only them to navigate could be efficient.


I would suggest you use Rhino as your hatch viewer. Import all of them via the script into a blank file and then in Document Properties, go through and delete all you don’t want - or just note the few you do want. With option 1, save the file and import it into whatever template files you want to have those hatch patterns; with option 2 use the selective import possibility in the script to just import the names of the ones you want to keep into a new file.

Best that can be done without a native hatch pattern viewer/import function.


Thanks heaps for these ideas Helvetosaur :slight_smile: