Has Point List in GH for Windows been deleted?

I’m a GH newbie working my way through the Modelab tutorials. I’m using GH 0.9.0076. In the Introduction to Parametric Design webinar I see that GH 0.9.0012 is what they are using. I’m assuming my problem lies in the fact that I’m using a newer version.
In the file Intro to Grasshopper 08 Phyllotaxis Expressions I am unable to find the component Point List in Vector>Point. I do see a Point List component in Display>Vector, but it has a different number of inputs as does the component used in the tutorial.
Has Point List been deleted from the Vector category? Is there a new component somewhere that has the same functionality? A work around, perhaps?



Sort of, the component was split into two, one still called Point List and another called Point Order. The first one displays point indices, the latter draws arrows between consecutive points in a list. The old component did both, depending on input state.

If you double click on the canvas and type "Point List" you should still see it.

ps. Oh and they were moved from the Vector into the Display category.