I can't figure this out

So this should be relatively straight forward… or so I thought… I cant think of a way to do this.

What Ive got right now is 22 lists, each contains a different number of different points. The points are grouped by what they represent (data from meerkat) - a point from one of the lists could be a bank, or an art gallery, or a gym… etc - as indicated by the title on the file ill attach below.

Ill attach a simple .gh file that shows the group of lists im dealing with for reference.

What im looking for is a component that I could attach a slider to and shift between each category of programs to find a single list with all its referenced points. So for example, all 22 lists go in, I choose “#2” and get the 46 points that are in the 2nd list called “ATM’s”.Programs.gh (79.0 KB)

Thanks in advance

Entwine them and use Tree Branch afterwards to select them.

Programs_re.gh (87.3 KB)

That was quick!

Thank you so much, this is perfect. :slight_smile:

e/ How did you get the program names into the panel?

Manually, I typed them :slight_smile: I think you could use Metahopper to extract them from your components.

There is a set of components made specifically for this kind of stuff. Look at stream gate and stream filter.

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Good to know. Much easier! Programs_re2.gh (95.7 KB)
Although, depending on what you want to do, a combined list of all points (entwine output) could be of use.