Has anyone ever bought 3D Audi R8 Car Modeling tutorial from AK3D?

Hello, I’m a newbie here!

I’m considering practicing professional modeling from some complex model tutorials so I’ve been searching for quality lessons online. There are not much of good tutorials until I found Car modeling from AK3D but I’m not sure is it worth enough to pay 49.99 EU for the 8 years outdated media. Moreover, I’m not quite sure about the sentences in the order completion that cite about the shipping and delivery cost!? Isn’t it a PDF file? Isn’t it just to download and get it instantly? I just can’t wait that long for this course.

Has anyone here ever bought this tutorial? How is it?

Thank you
from Thailand :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it has a PDF but it is originally (a very good and detailed) book.

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that is just a cats leap in this regards. NURBS modelling has not changed by much, It is more about understanding the methodology rather than the technology.

looking up on their webpage they offer pdf, but i am sure you should have figured that out by now.


It was an automatic download when I bought it. It’s easy enough to follow. I was just getting into class-a surfacing methods at the time. The tutorial really sped up that process. Once you get a handle on the work flow you’ll find better ways to do things described in some sections. Rhino’s come a long way since it was written.