AK3D Audi R8 tutorial

Has anyone else bought the AK3D - 3D car modeling with rhinoceros book/pdf?

Although it is a great tutorial, I find myself constantly getting stuck because either the next step isnt explained well enough or the correct words arent used in the translation. Or, I find myself using tools i am unfamiliar with such as the curvature graph which he uses to correct the flow of curves.

If anyone has done or is working on this tutorial and would be able to talk and help me out I would greatly appreciate it.


I havent read the book but i think know enough about automotive modeling,

What is your problem?..

Hi, I have his book. yes it is difficult to follow at times. For me , I had to realize that if I wanted to complete the project I would have to just figure some things out all by myself. That was after my 7th attempt.haha

Well im still in the begging pages haha. I think whats frustrating me is the author says to draw a 3 or 5 degree curve and trace cetain lines of the car. he then wants me to use the curvature graph tool to analyze the line and make sure there is a smooth flow. a lot of the time i can get it relatively close but ill still have kinks here and there. I know about turning the control points on and moving them around. I also noticed the less control point i have usually will make the curve smoother. I just want to make sure im doing this correctly so it doesn’t mess me up in a later part of the tutorial.

currently im at this point where he writes about drawing an interpolated curve through intersections of the reference image. he then says to choose “curve through points” and to make it a degree 5 curve. As i see it, these are two different functions (interpolated vs curve through points) and considering i dont have “points” drawn in these places im guessing he wants me to use the draw curve through points function which lets me draw a line.

one last thing im having an issue with is after i trace these lines say in the right view. i have to line them up in the top view with the correct lines of the reference image and in the front. I find it very difficult to adjust the top view without messing up the front view. say in the top view i need to move a point downwards which in the front view causes the line to not match with the image. and it becomes this back and forth battle haha.

I hope my explanation isnt to confusing. If u can give me an tips with these issues I will greatly appreciate it.


so do u think its best i just go with it until i realize i seriously messed up…figure out why…and start over correcting what i did wrong previously?

also. how closely do i need to follow the tutorial. say my lines dont match up with his 100% but maybe around 95% …is that going to make a huge difference in the end?

if you use 5 degree curves you cant get kinks, also, when drawing curves make sure to keep in mind that most of the time you dont draw too much points, try to get your shape when drawing a 5 degree curve in 6 points (not less, you want to keep it degree 5) when using degree 3 in 4 points, im not sure how he goes about this as i havent seen the tutorial.

If he says interpolated curve then you have to see what is important in that moment, does the curve have to hit an exact spot multiple times, then you have no choice but to use interpolated crv.

About the images not matching up, youll have to get used to that, as far as i know they never.
Go with your gut feeling with this, what looks best or what resembles the picture most, make sure you get lots of reference images from different angles and colors so you get to know the shape,

You can post pictures on what shape you want to make, you really dont have to follow the book, there are more way to get the shape,…

HI CRADZ, yes you are right about the way he explains things. I placed points on the curves that I was supposed to connect through as you state. As sabino said , you just have to keep trying . One thing that is a bit annoying is when he references to splitting something ,his icon shows the trim. The body goes fairly well. it is the details that takes a lot of time. wouldn’t you know it.

Hi suresh, I did that a couple years ago. Didn’t seem to have problems there. Is the area you are trying to build a 2 rail sweep ? If it is, it looks like one of the cross section curves is not touching the rails. Also does he ask you to split the curve along the wheel where you are working?
As others have explained, you do have to learn when he is asking you to do and what is possilbe are not going to work. —Mark

Hi Markintheozaks, Thank you so much for help , I could fix it after you said me to check the cross intersection of the curves , and now :frowning: how to match trimmed surface edges.

Not an expert here, but trimmed surfaces are not able to be matched. Maybe if you build it as a whole unit, then have to split it later it will match kind of by default.—Mark

@pascal, a question. Hi, if you bulld a rear trunk as in photo. It is complete, then split it later, will it have coninuity once mirrored back as a whole? Thanks, Mark
I didnt want to give bad advice

Hi Mark - I am not sure which surfaces we’re talking about but, if you are suggesting building a single surface if possible and splitting after the fact, then yes, this is how I’d do it - if it must be multiple surfaces, matching the untrimmed surfaces before trimming in any arbitrary trims to set the outline of the panel would be a good idea I think.


Thank you, I think that helps.

I got so frustrated with the translation of this tutorial that I insisted on a refund, which I reluctantly received.


I bought that one too, so I think I know what you mean. Not that my English is much better, but then I don’t sell books either… :innocent:

// Rolf

@dmoyes Dennis I bought an PDF version will I get my money back :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s what I bought and I did get a refund but I complained about the quality the next day. It may depend on how long you’ve had it but it’s worth a try. Good luck!

Hi Suresh,

I don’t know if you’re still doing the tutorial but i found the solution to the issue on page 26. Basically, when it says “interpolated curve through points”, draw the curve, trim the interpolated curve with the center curve as stated and then DO NOT Rebuild the curve. After the interpolated degree 5 curve is made it uses 9 points(too many i thought). I figured hey, i should rebuild it making it 6 points, degree 5 to keep it to “degree +1 points”. However this breaks it somehow and stops you from creating any other surfaces properly.