Hardware buttons and connections to grasshopper

Hi all,

Has anyone experience with connecting hardware to grasshopper sliders?

such as

or arduino etc etc?

@AndyPayne’s Firefly was the standard for physical computing in Grasshopper back in the day. He might know.


@sonderskovmathias Yes, I would recommend checking out Firefly and then asking questions if things don’t make sense. You’re showing a midi controller and Firefly doesn’t have a direct method for using these, but I know some people on the forum have hooked those up using some sort of customized Firefly scripts or using their own methods. But Firefly does have a lot components for sending and receiving data from an Arduino in realtime.

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Thanks a lot @AndyPayne and @AndersDeleuran !

I’m just in a weekend nerding gizmo mode, nothing else :rofl:

EDIT: And it’s not even weekend

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