Send MIDI to (hardware) instrument

Dear forum,
Are there any current options for sending MIDI from Grasshopper using Rhino 7?
I have looked at Cicada, Mandrill, Heteroduino and Firefly but they don’t seem to work with Rhino 7. Perhaps I’m wrong? Alternatively, if there is a way to send plain serial data to an Arduino, I could convert it to MIDI there.
Thanks a lot!

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Hi @marten,

Firefly works fine on Rhino 7.
fireflyinstaller1007064bit.7z (17.6 MB)

Thanks a lot Erik, I’ll give it another try!

Unfortunately, the Firefly Serial Write doesn’t quite work. For example it replaces the byte 0x90 (MIDI Note On) with 0x3f (?) and appends an 0x0a (Line feed) to every Serial Write. This messes up the MIDI messages. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!

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