Hardware Slider/Button-Inputs

I would like to present some of my grasshopper definitions at conventions. Therefore it would be awesome to have somekind of hardware-input where clients can directly interact. Does anyone of you have experience with something like that?


I’ve used Arduino and a few potentiometers. The read out of the potentiometers often jumped up or down. You’d need some kind of smoothing…

Have you seen this topic:

Containers and Panels and Buttons - Oh My… Option - Stream Deck - Rhino - McNeel Forum

Made me remember some time ago 3Dconnexion had a beta version to manipulate the view with a mobile device :slight_smile:

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If you are looking to connect your hardware sliders / buttons to GH node inputs, you can use Firefly (using serial port connection via Arduino or similar).

I used Firefly.

I figure that was likely, but I didn’t find it when I searched your linked thread. Did I miss it?

No, my Arduino / Firefly experiments were back in 2013. The linked thread is more recent and I thought it might be an interesting alternative.

You might also look into MIDI (either hardware controllers or “software” apps for iPad etc). The Mandrill plugin makes it possible to use MIDI sources as control paramerters in Grasshopper.


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