Hard crash with switching to layout

I just installed 6.0.16132.19261.

  • Launch Rhino
  • Make a simple box centered at the origin.
  • Switch to an existing Layout (i.e. one that is part of the template file that is used).
  • Rhino disappears into thin air without leaving any trace.

If I launch Rhino and switch to an existing layout, it works fine. If I then switch back to model space and create the box, and then go back to the layout, Rhino crashes.

If I launch Rhino, create the box, and click on the + tab to make a new layout, it works fine. Switching back and forth between this new layout and the model space is no problem. As soon as I try to switch to a pre-existing layout, Rhino crashes.

A crash dump is created on the desktop - file uploaded to tech@mcneel.com with reference to this thread.

Thanks for reporting the bug so thoroughly.

ha - I could have taken the extra step in making the YT issue… Always room for improvement :wink: