Raytraced: GTX 10xx testing requested

Bug: I see that spotlights don’t support shadow intensity, nor light color. And I also noticed that when I deleted a spotlight the shadow was still calculated. Until I swapped display mode back and forth.

Oh… and Raytraced doesn’t support SubD… please add that! :slight_smile:
(For this I had to extract the render mesh of the SubD object)

Edit: Just added a box (made with my WIP sub-d tools) and a slightly gray material to the ground plane. Added some blur to the camera. It is lit with a single planar light and the environment is lowered. All took 30 minutes. Render took 17 seconds. If I was a jeweler I would be pretty happy with this tool and the results. I would wish for light scattering though :wink:

By the way, the “diamond” is just an unwelded modified mesh sphere, so no correct cut there.