Hanging mesh / Similar meshsize

Hello Guys,
i want to realize a hanging net structure by a meshsize 10 to 10 cm. I tried already various things, but i came back to this kangaroo definition.
The Mesh itself is somehow overhanging/overlapping, but it need to have it “taut”. Probably this is because of the input mesh?! Maybe i need to use any diagrid or something.
Does somebody has any idea?
pic1: the marked parts are somehow wrong.

pic 2: the marked parts are more precise, but how can i get it everywehere like this?

The outcome of my structure is close to 10 by 10, but its not 100percent working. Do i need to change some inputs for kangaroo, or is something like this only possible by
optimize it with galapagos?

By another task, @AndersDeleuran directed me to K2Engineering from (@c.brandtolsen). Could that be the solution also for this task? Thanks for that again @AndersDeleuran.

If someone knows a good scientific paper or book with information on the topic of mesh structures and consistent mesh sizes, I would be grateful for information.

Thanks in advance. Best Alex

2021-04-11_Hanging_Mesh.gh (25.8 KB)

To make a quad net with equal edge lengths (also known as a Chebyshev net), it is easier to approach by draping a full grid then cutting off the parts beyond the plane:
drape_sphere.gh (8.1 KB)

Cutting a flat mesh to a circle then anchoring the points around the boundary as you were doing will result in crumpling, because it prevents the angles from changing as they need to to form a smooth curved surface.


Hi Daniel, Chebyshev net was the keyword! Thanks a lot. That is an very interesting theme to dive in.
And also thanks for Kangaroo. Its an awesome Software and makes a lot of fun to play with.
Best Alex

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