Gumball Smooth Snappy Dragging Request

In snappy dragging mode for gumball, holding alt disables the osnap.

I generally have osnap turned off for my gumball, but it would be great if holding alt temporarily enabled osnap…


Hi Alasair - it should do that - can you confirm that Alt down does not toggle the OSnap state? Howabout without the gumball - just regular drawing curves, say?


Alt toggles OSnap without gumball yes, Its a great feature.

If snappy dragging is on, osnap is disabled, but if smooth dragging is on, holding alt doesn’t enable snappy dragging. I noticed that the osnap toggle in the status bar does toggle on and off though.

Ah, got it… yes, that might be an interesting thing to try…
@Alasdair - if OSnaps are currently enabled and you hold Alt with a Smooth Gumby, would you expect osnaps not to be toggled as well as snappy Gumball? It might work but it gets convoluted…


Thats what I’m after!

I work with osnaps turned on, and hold alt to temporarily disable. However I work with smooth gumball, since I usually use it to nudge things around. Occasionally I turn on snappy dragging, but holding alt would be simpler and expected behaviour.

Although, I do find that holdng alt with the gumball currently is risky because normally I tap alt to duplicate objects. Its a lot of bindings for one key!

There is also the occasion where I want to disable osnap (hold alt), and snap to a direction (tab)… then my computer alt tabs