Gumball Smooth Snappy Dragging Request

In snappy dragging mode for gumball, holding alt disables the osnap.

I generally have osnap turned off for my gumball, but it would be great if holding alt temporarily enabled osnap…


Hi Alasair - it should do that - can you confirm that Alt down does not toggle the OSnap state? Howabout without the gumball - just regular drawing curves, say?


Alt toggles OSnap without gumball yes, Its a great feature.

If snappy dragging is on, osnap is disabled, but if smooth dragging is on, holding alt doesn’t enable snappy dragging. I noticed that the osnap toggle in the status bar does toggle on and off though.

Ah, got it… yes, that might be an interesting thing to try…
@Alasdair - if OSnaps are currently enabled and you hold Alt with a Smooth Gumby, would you expect osnaps not to be toggled as well as snappy Gumball? It might work but it gets convoluted…


Thats what I’m after!

I work with osnaps turned on, and hold alt to temporarily disable. However I work with smooth gumball, since I usually use it to nudge things around. Occasionally I turn on snappy dragging, but holding alt would be simpler and expected behaviour.

Although, I do find that holdng alt with the gumball currently is risky because normally I tap alt to duplicate objects. Its a lot of bindings for one key!

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There is also the occasion where I want to disable osnap (hold alt), and snap to a direction (tab)… then my computer alt tabs



Attempting to revive this topic.

I just taught another class of Rhino first-timers. The gumball smooth/snappy dragging option again became a trip-up for everyone.

Most people expected that if oSnaps were on, then the Gumball would snap to objects.
But in the case that it doesn’t (Smooth Dragging mode), it would be great if holding down Alt would toggle SnappyDragging on so that it would respect oSnaps.


Revive again. I really would like this one - enable snappy mode when Alt is maintained and use active osnaps.