Wish: Osnap enabled with gumball manipulation[Solved]

Wish for using the gumball manipulation, for example X-Y,X-Z,Y-Z plane icon, to also support Osnaps. As well as X,Y,Z direction.

Snapping at the gumball center.
(useful for moving points or lines)

Hello - this has not changed from V5, you can set the Gumball as ‘Snappy’ or ‘Smooth’ , using the GumballSettings command, the context menu, or the Gumball pane menu.


Thanks! changed to solved.

@pascal For the snappy, is it possible to set the Gumball center as the snap point?
Currently the object center/and the object shifts to the mouse cursor and feels a bit weird when just trying to move without the osnap.

Hello - I’m not sure if I follow - what do you mean by “trying to move without the osnap.” ? Do you mean, the gumball should behave like a smooth gumball if there are no active snaps?


Attached video screen capture.
First movement with the X-Y red-green crosshair the dragging is done at the cross hair.
Next is with the snappy on.
This time when trying to move with the X-Y red-green crosshair, the center of the object/center of gumball moves to the center of the mouse click instantly when dragging. Like a little jump.
->so, there’s a little bit of instant-shift everytime red-green crosshair

-> I understand if the Alt key is pressed or Osnap is ON, and that shift happens, but
even with Osnap off, is Snappy is selected that shift occurs and feels a bit weird.