Gumball 1-D Tranformation

Hello I have been using the gumball for scaling for years and it always scales in two directions when I pull on the handles.
Nevertheless, sometimes it scales in 1D. I am interested in having it scale 1D all the time. I have referred to this link:

and cannot find a solution.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi Erik- Gumball scales 1d from its origin unless you hold Shift- then it scales 3d.


Hello Pascal,

Thank you for your prompt reply; however, it does not seem to scale in one direction for me. A curve always scales equally in both directions. See attached as it shows exactly what I mean.

Well- it scales in one dimension from the gumball origin- so you may need to move the gumball (RelocateGumball) or simply use the Scale1d command.


Understood. Thank you for the insight. I was confused about this.