Gumball scale to specific value

This has probably been asked before but in a quick search I can’t find it…

Say one has a 10mm x 10mm square, and one has relocated the gumball to one corner:

Now, I click on the scale handle and type 12mm (not 12, 12 will scale it 12x)

The object scales in that direction but double - it ends up at 24mm.

If instead of 12mm, I enter +2mm, it ends up at 14mm - again double.

I rarely use this, but is this something that is intended? What am I missing here?

Yeah, I see that - it looks like Gumby always assumes he is in the middle of the object.


@Helvetosaur so, that works out - but the typed the number is treated as a distance constraint - it moves the scale handle to that dimension. In this case the scale handle starts out as 5 units long and ends up as 12 units long. So the typed dimension is like Scale1D from that corner snapping to 5, then 12 units on the grid.
Admittedly this is somewhat confusing if you expect the number to be an object dimension… BoxEdit style.

-Pascal Gumby