Gumball wish/bug: scale to dimension plus calculation


I like that you can scale to dimension with Gumballs input scale field, by typing e.g. ‘12.5cm’.

Wish: It would be even better when calculations with dimensions would work too, like ‘25cm/2’. At the moment ‘/2’ is ignored.




It works fine if you do the calculation first and then the unit.

25/2cm works fine here.


Try 25/2cm



Thank you two very much.

Even better. Then my wish is, that dimensions can show up inside the calculation. I hope this makes sense?

Not to me without more detail.

Do you mean for instance that if you are modeling in inches and you want to enter a number that represents a dimension in centimeters that typing “cm” after the number (or numeric calculation string) would automatically perform an additional calculation dividing by 2.54 to do the unit conversion? And Rhino, knowing the default model units, would recognize abbreviations for all the other possible units and apply the appropriate conversion factor?

@AlW, yes

For a simple calculation where you can add the units as a suffix, as above, Rhino already does a conversion if necessary. @Michael_Meyer, are you asking for the ability to enter mixed units, as in 30/4in+2cm?

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Even cooler would be the ability to scale in gumball using X to represent existing dimension. Type X+2 in the box and add 2 units to the size of whatever you’re scaling.

@Max3, this already exists by typing +2mm

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What about typing “/3”?

@Max3, what do you mean? When there is no unit input, the Gumball interpretes the value as scaling factor, e.g. 1/3 or 0.333333333, not /3.