Gumball scale options

Is there a way to change the gumbal scale option so it will scale to typed size and not percent?

Hi Steve - include units in your typing (20mm or 2" etc)



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Very cool! thankyou!!!

Now if it would not double the amount typed, that would be even better

Hi Steve - it does not double really, it’s just that the gumby origin is located in the middle of the object and scaling is in both directions.


I thought the same, but if you move the origin to the edge, it will still double.
It would be nice to be able to scale to size.

Well, right, so, the effect is moving the scale handle to that total distance. To scale to a size it is probably handier to use one of the scale commands rather than set up a Gumball to have its starting location and handles exactly right.


3 clicks and then type number Vs. 1 click and type number…
I understand there are many ways to do things in Rhino, I am just looking for more power from the Gumbal
But Thank You for your time.

Hi Steve - Not without setting up the gumball first - otherwise how will it know what the dimension you type in means or where to base it? Affter all, that is why you are getting ‘double’. I’d look into BoxEdit and see if that sorts it out for you.


It knows the dimension because you type that in. 1 inch should = 1 inch, not 2"
Where you locate the gumbal is up to you.
Go do a test.
Take two 1" cubes
scale one by .5
scale the other by .5"

It moves the scale handle to that distance - the starting position of the scale handle matters. Try BoxEdit, I think it is more what you want.


Thank you for showing me yet another way to do things in Rhino.

However, I am asking about the Gumbal and feel it could use the option to work as I described.