Gumball Handles Offset From Bounding Box Setting?

not sure of this is a good topic name to search for in the future…

When first clicking an object the scale handles are right on the bounding box of the geometry. Is there a setting to have them offset from the bounding box?

The behavior I’m looking for is like when you zoom out or in on the selected object and the handles are not touching the geometry, mainly curves.

I don’t think there’s a setting to automatically set the handles larger than the bounding box of the object you’re selecting, but once the object is selected, you can press CTRL down + drag the scale handles to the place you’d like, as to make them longer or shorter than the object’s BB. I hope that makes sense.

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thank you for the reply. that’ll work. too bad there isn’t a setting for it though.

In Rhino 7 in the command line type GumballScaleMode and change its mode from Absolute to Relative, the Scale handles will now no longer go all the way out to the bounding box.

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