Gumball wishes

Using the gumball to extrude a surface is a very additive process: sub-select a surface of a cube, extrude out and the adjacent sides extend with it but try pushing that surface back into the cube and the adjacent sides don’t retreat. It would be nice (logical even) if they did. Being able to revolve a surface would be useful as would splitting a sub-surface with an iso-curve, although that’s not really a gumball thing. I also think the gumball would benefit by using some attached icons (like the one currently showing the plane) instead of all the ctrl-alt-shift right-click etc. For example: sub-select the surface, shift-click to select the appropriate icon (extrude say) then extrude. Revolve and bevel could be other icons.
As a tool I feel the gumball could be so much more. I’m sure none of these suggestions are original but having blundered about with the gumball lately, I felt like repeating them.