Gumball creates weird 'geometry'

Hi everyone.
After 2 years using Rhino, I just started delving into Gumball a bit, and I’m a bit disappointed at the ‘geometry’ it creates.

See picture:

The left one is a polysurface I stretched out of a flat surface with gumball, the right one is the same exploded, some surfaces deleted and re-capped to close it.

The problem I have with the one on the left is, how is it possible that gumball creates such messy ‘geometry’ (is this even the right term with NURBS? I’m basically referring to the isocurves) while the same exact surface can be as clean as shown in the cap on the right? I might be doing something wrong, so let me know.


Hi Michael - it is not Gumball itself going this - Gumby is just a UI into various transforms. Sub-object selecting and using Move will undoubtedly do the same thing. And yes, transforming subobjects gets messy very quickly. My guess is it would work out better if the face were not a trimmed one.


Thank you Pascal. At least I know I’m not necessarily doing anything ‘wrong’!