Curve editing with Gumball

Hi, when I move the edges of a surface with the Gumball, the surface is displayed wavy and shiny afterwards. What is the reason for this and how can I prevent it?

Hi Constantin - best is not to do that at all - moving edges and faces directly on any but the most simple boxy polysurfaces falls apart very quickly - when faces become non-planar is when things tend to go south pretty quickly. Please post an example object with the desired edit indicated and I’ll see if I can suggest a useful workflow.


Hi Pascal,

thanks for your answer and your offer!
Attached is a mock-up of that part of the facade.

I just wanted to make the frame (selceted in the Screenshot) wider.

Thanks in advance !

Mock_UP_Front.3dm (145.9 KB)

Hi Constantin - if you sub-objedct select all the stuff you want to move, that should work


Is that what you want?


Hi Pascal, I ran into this a couple of times. Is there a way to tell Rhino not to curve/patch when editing edges or points? Say use only planar surfaces?

Hello- PushPull in V8/WIP is something to test out.


Hi Pascal,

If I have selected all sub-objects, it does not work for me either. Can you briefly explain the steps how it worked for you?

Thank you !