Gumball bad implementation

Gumball still acts like this. :man_facepalming:

I stumble onto this comment by accident.
I am astonished by the fact that Gumball is still so bad over a year later. And I don’t know how long since it was first introduced.

I would like a suggestion to the guy who’s working on this. Please take a look at Gumball’s counterpart in CATIAv6. How functional it is. not only showing the orientation while sitting in the bottom of the corner. But if you grab it and drop it on an object you can modify that object and the Gumball is automatically oriented so that its Z axis is towards the normal of that object.

I understand this may be a lot of work and you want to be original but instead of making a poor re-invention of the wheel might as well get the idea of a good implementation and make it better.

By the way, in CATIA you can use the Gumball to create objects that require axis or plane as input by just clicking on the respective axis or plane on the gumball.


Try using the Gumball setting “Align to object” on your clipping plane…

Run -_GumballAlignment _Object _Enter at Rhino startup if you want this as your default behavior.

Thanks Nathan,

However that should be an option, not a command.

Another thing. Why is the gumball attached to a box like this?


It should either be attached to its center of gravity(volume centroid) or it should be placed in the centroid of any of the faces.

If the box is exploded and all surfaces selected then it acts properly:

It is in the Gumball settings. Right click in the Gumball status bar panel.

This is because it is an extrusion object and the Gumball is aligned along the extrusion axis. Polysurface objects will have by default the gumball location at the objects bounding box center. Why extrusion objects like this box should behave differently from a polysurface box is however a point that could be discussed - personally I don’t understand the value in this case…

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This “setting” is not saved after restarting Rhino and does not exist in RhinoOptions.

he told you how to set it so the command is run every time you start

Not acceptable as this is a workaround not an option of the gumball.

This thread is not a cry for help it is pointing out the bad implementation of the command. It is a cry for improvement.