Gumball appearance settings, .Net, RhinoCommon

Hello Forum,

I would like to change the gumball appearance settings using RhinoCommon under Rhino 6 as well as I would do manually using the tools/options/… menu. For example I would like to change the gumball default radius to 77.

I read the forum and found some code like this (with little understanding) and no, it doesn’t work. I guess it was for something else.

var baseGumball = new Rhino.UI.Gumball.GumballObject();
var displayConduit = new Rhino.UI.Gumball.GumballDisplayConduit();
var appearanceSettings = new Rhino.UI.Gumball.GumballAppearanceSettings();
appearanceSettings.Radius = 77;
displayConduit.SetBaseGumball(baseGumball, appearanceSettings);
displayConduit.Enabled = true;

Any idea?
Thanks. L

Hi @lscandella,

No, that isn’t going to work. We’ll need to add some stuff to RhinoCommon.

– Dale