Gumball alignment to object

Gumball doesn’t align to objects the same way as it is with regular Rhino objects.

To test it, do the following:

  1. Set Gumball alignment to Object.
  2. Select multiple VA Objects that are rotated differently.
  3. Deselect one of them - Gumball is still aligned as it was aligned to a group of objects.
  4. Do the same to regular Rhino objects and see the difference.

Hi @Czaja,

I can also reproduce this issue. This is going to be more difficult to solve, but we’ll try. The problem is that there is no SDK in Rhino to allow custom objects to specify their alignment, so Rhino is using the block instance matrix (VisualARQ objects are block instances). Unfortunately, when you unselect an object, Rhino is updating the gumball alignment during the draw operation, and just when this happens, VisualARQ objects are in a special “phantom” mode (required if we want to draw our objects in a different way depending on the viewport), and Rhino cannot compute the alignment.

We’ll let you know when we fix this issue.



Hi, thanks. It’s not that big of a deal normally, but when mixed with this issue: Wrong selection of VA Objects in different display modes
it can be annoying.

When I can’t properly select a window inside the wall, I can window-select (pun intended) both of them and deselect the wall. The outcome is that I am left with a selected window, but with undesired gumball alignment.