Surface Blend brain cramp

Guitar Body Contour.3dm (112.2 KB)

Hi everyone! I’m having trouble with the attached model. It’s going to be the body of an electric guitar. Imagine a 1.75” thick slab of wood, CNC routed. I have been working with Blend Surface (also tried Sweep2, Network Surface, Cage Edit) and I think I’m working too hard and missing a simple approach. My goal is to create a smooth, rounded transition from the top to the side, accurately matching the curve on the side and transitioning to the flat top surface. When I use Blend Surface, I end up with wonkiness at the two sharp points where the two surfaces meet. I have a feeling there is simple way to accomplish this. Thanks very much for your help! Tom

This photo gives you an idea of what I’m trying to accomplish:

Hello - attach via this button:

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Thanks, Pascal! I did create a simple version of the model, containing only the relevant info. I exported it as a .3dm file format. When I attempted to upload that file, the thumbnail is ghosted, and I can’t select it. Maybe I should be using a different format? Tom

Hi Tom - 3dm is perfect - can you drag and drop the file onto your message? (right here in discourse I mean, the window you type into) That should work too. What OS are you on, Windows or Mac?


Okay, I’ll try this again. I’m using Mac BTW. Thanks again!
Guitar Body Contour.3dm (112.2 KB)

I also edited my original post, to include the files.

maybe this helps

Thanks! Yes, that’s super helpful. :+1: