Guides don't display after they are created

And no amount of clicking on SmartTrack makes them reappear. I am working in Windows 11.
The only way I see the guides is to be in the process of making a new guide.

You’ll see the guides whenever they are usable in a command. So whenever a new object is created or for example as soon as you drag a handle / grip on the gumball:

I agree it would be useful to see the guides permanently for some work…

Hi -

That feature request is on the list as RH-39959 Show/hide guides

I feel it should be more than a request… I want to drive Rhino, I don’t need features that claim to understand when I want to see guides controlling the flow of my work.

Adobe Illustrator has a simple and effective approach to “Guides” here are there controls which don’t try to be artificially intelligent (even though they are AI )

AI Guide

Just in case it helps - a partial solution at best but it may help for now

CLines.rhp (37.5 KB)

Lines are objects on a special layer and visibiliuty is controlled by the layer.
Unblock the rhp file in Windows and drag and drop it onto Rhino.

It has these commands:

AddCLine - add a new construction line. The first time used in a document, it will ask for the layer to put them on. There are several command line settings for how to constrain the line . They can be added as ‘CLines’, default, or as Rhino guides.

ConvertToGuides - convert selected Clines to Rhino guides

RefreshCLines - CLine are actual lines in Rhino - so they have finite length. This command adjusts the length to fit the current viewport borders.

ConvertToReference - convert any curve or edge to ‘reference’, meaniing it will be placed on the CLines layer - not sure how useful this is.

CLineDocSettings - this lets you set or change the Cline layer if needed.


Thank You Pascal !