How to make Guidelines permanent visible?


is there a way to make guidelines permanent visible in Rhino 6/7?



Hi Michael -

No, but that feature request is on the list as RH-43040.

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Hi Michael - I fussed around with a guidelines tool - maybe it will help, for now -

CLines.rhp (34.5 KB)
CLinesV7.rui (35.2 KB)

Make sure to un-block the rhp file in Windows.

AddCLine Add a ‘CLine’ or optionally as a Rhino guiide.

CLineDocSettings - not really useful I think - the scale factor part is from a previous version but you can set the layer

ConvertToGuides - converts linear curves on CLines layer to Rhino guides

ConvertToReference - does not do anything to the curve but moves any curve to the CLine layer

RefreshCLines - resets the extents of the CLines to suit the current view - this one is quite helpful as the lines are real lines in the document and not infinte lines.


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Hi Pascal,

very nice, I will forward this to my customer.

Thank you very much


It’s amazing. I love it

hi Wim, i am confused i read a while ago or so i remember talks about infinity lines or guidelines, here i find some evidence yet does C line not autocomplete on mac os nor does it exhibit anything much different to extend, while guides or toggle guides do/does not seems to exist at all, at least not in v7, help does not reveal anything its like non existent :man_shrugging:t3:

So am I - There is no question mark in your post but I suppose you are asking about something?
The Cline command seems to work fine on macOS in Rhino 7 here. So does the AddGuide command.

it does not autocomplete, also what is this command meant for since it basically does the same as extend.

are you frying me because i didn’t use a ? omg :face_with_hand_over_mouth: come on…
thinking about it, i thought that elaborating on my confusion is enough to gain help… which you did anyway… but still you fried me. well whatever.

thanks thats what i was looking for, i managed to oversee it when looking for some word starting with guide… now i also understand the OP’s concern, it would make sense to have them visible at all times at some point, but i can see that the current autohide while only toggling for drawing commands is nicely thought through. they are just in the way for the rest of the time anyway imo.