Offset Guide Lines


May I request the ability to offset guide lines? Either show the guides when offset command is run, or create a new GuideOffset command.


this is a feature request / wish ? - so maybe adapt the title and category (wip / rhino 8).

Not the same, but Pascal made some Guide utilities that can convert lines to guides. See Guidelines - #18 by pascal

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And, just in case it helps, a prod from @Alan_Farkas pompted this thing, which is slightly different but actually quite helpful-
CLines.rhp (34.5 KB)
Unblock the rhp file in Windows Explorer then darg and drop it onto Rhino 7+ (can’t remember if it works in V6)


AddCLine - defaults to its own thing but optionally will make a Rhino Guide. Lots of placement options under the Constraint option.
CLineDocSettings - layer name, mostly
ConvertToGuides - convert any CLine to a Rhino guide
ConvertToReference - sticks any curve on the special CLine layer
RefreshCLines - adjusts the extent of the guides to suit the current view.

Also this:
CLinesV7.rui (33.9 KB)



It may not be a major to create this capability in a R7 service release. I don’t know, but don’t want to limit the possibility.

The plugins work well, thank you.

Hey @pascal thx for the shout-out :grinning:

The plugin actually stopped working for me today. Any tricks up ur sleave other than unchecking it in the Plugins list and re-checking?

EDIT: It works in a different file. Will figure it out. But…FYI the Settings function seems to be on an infinite loop. Can’t out, either. Tried just powering over it with a different function, but at the completion of the new function, it defaults back to the Settings command line options. Can’t even close the file.

No good deed goes unpunished! It’s a super helpful plugin, though!