Guidelines problem / bug?

I am trying to get some profits from guidelines, but there are (for me) at least 2 problems, just from the start. The first is, why these guidelines levitate over the model in some unpredictable manner? Here we are with top view:

But the 3D view shows some random location (and dynamic, it gets changed when the view is manipulated):

The second problem is that I cannot say what is connected to what… If I put a wall first, then a guideline, these two are connected - or not… Then, when I have a grid of guidelines I also would like to have intersection points as, let’s say, anchors. It means, moving one guideline should keep the wall at guidelines intersections. Now it doesn’t…

Maybe I am doing something wrong, what do you think?
Cheers, Jaro

Hi @jerry.bakowski,
Guides are displayed in projection on the current level’s CPlane, in Top and Perspective viewports. That’s why from the Perspective viewport they change location if you switch from one level to another, from the Level Manager.

Is that behavior consistent in your tests, or does that behavior make sense to you?

In the guide style options, you can tell the guide to be displayed on the level cplane or in every level’s elevation at the same time:

Objects get linked to guides as long as you snap on the guides when you insert them. You can break this link if the object moves away entirely from the guide, or if you unlink it from the Constraints option in the properties panel:

If you create a guide after an object, the object will get linked to the guide if any of its edges or vertex sits on the guide. In the case of walls, the walls will get linked to the guide also if the guide is aligned with any ot the edges of the wall or its central axis.

Guides also work as intersection anchors. If you draw a wall that ends on an intersection of 2 guides, the wall will be stretched or will move if you move any of these two guides. Doesn’t work like this for you?


All these details are explained in the User’s guide if you want to take a look (vaHelp). If something is unclear, I’ll appreciate your comments.

To clarify how guides (and level constraints) are implemented in VisualARQ 3:

Objects are never linked to guides. There is nothing stored in the document that says: “this object is linked to this guide”. When a guide is moved, the guide will look for all model objects that are geometrically “coincident” with the guide, and then modify them accordingly. It doesn’t matter if object or guide is created first.