GSA + Grasshopper - Create Lists of Nodes and Elements

Good morning,

I am new to grasshopper and I am trying to create lists of nodes and elements to group them before I bake the model into GSA.

My model consists of a concrete slab and piles therefore my plan is to group (list) these elements (slab, piles) and their relative nodes so that I will be able to load them seperately in Oasys GSA.

I tried to use the ggGSACreateList command but it doesn’t seem to work for me.

Could anyone help?

Thank you in advance.


Hi Eleni,

Nice to hear from you. Are you using GSA10? I just tested the attached gh script and got the resultant GWA that worked here. If you get different results, can you share so I can review?



181111 gsa loaded list.gwa.txt (5.6 KB) 181111 gsa loaded (14.0 KB)

Hi Jon,

It’s been a long time but using grasshopper had been postponed due to the project.

Indeed I am using GSA 10 and I have the same issue for the explicit section properties. Even though I create them in GH the elements are not created in GSA.

With regards to the lists: I even used straight your gh script and opened gsa but no lists were created.

lists_GSA.txt (5.6 KB)