GH to GSA: structure must be sculped first in Oasys GSA before analysis works

Hello GH users,

The topic of my graduation project is Reciprocal Frame structures. So far, I have a model (made by a friend) in Grasshopper for which i computed a link to GSA that includes different structural variations (different connections or supports) to analyse the impact on structural behavior. The link works, as in, I see the structure in Oasys GSA. When I hit the analyse button, it gives me the ‘error’ which says that my system exists out of 250 different structures.

I have solved it by using sculpt function in Oasys GSA (select all beam members > Sculpt > 1D elements > Connect 1D elements). However, It would be easier if this was done by Grasshopper. Does anyone know if I can do this in Grasshopper for a smoother transition to Oasys GSA?

Thanks for your help in advance.