Groups of groups, selection priority bug

Hi all.

Rhino 7 or 8, same thing.

groups in groups priority (12.4 KB)

To replicate the bug:

  • bake group A
  • try to select the ellipses or triangles, only the “child” group will select


  • bake B
  • selecting circles will select only the “child” group of circles

on baked geometries the selection “priority” of nested groups (or group of groups) is reversed.

Proof (maybe):

  • bake A
  • select everything manually (triangles and ellipses)
  • _Ungroup , “child” groups are gone now
  • “parent” group still exist, selecting any single ellipse or triangle will make you select the whole “parent” group A of 5 elements


  • bake B
  • select the arc
  • as the only group containig the arc is the “parent” group B, it works

Thanks @maje90 for posting

It looks indeed that the order of grouping is reversed:

I added this thread to the YT:
RH-81228 nested Group in GH When bake into Rhino, nesting reversed

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RH-81228 is fixed in Rhino 8 Service Release 10 Release Candidate

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