Grouping points on same height according to branch structure

Hello everyone,
I come up with a very specific problem.
I want to create horizontal curves that vary in length depending on their distance to a given set of points.

On the image you can see the kind of curve-structure that is desired, but it has been created by a work-around of lofted lines and contours. The problem about the work-around is the high computation of the lofts (as this example is thought of a bigger scale) and I am also interested on a cleaner solution for the problem.

The idea would be to create branches of points of the same initial curve AND the same height and then create polylines from these. The problem that occured when using Path Mapper or Flip Matrix component is, that I never seem to succeed to group the points at the same time depending on their

  1. initial curve
  2. Height (z-Value)
    to create the Polylines.

I hope someone experienced with the mapping of tree structures can help me to get the problem fixed, thank you in advance!
Best regards! (15.2 KB)

Sounds like your want Flip Last? (white group)
Connect either IntCrv or PLine to PShift and Loft. (24.0 KB)

Yes that FlipLast was the kind of thing I needed! Thank you very much!
I edited to have the final outcome that was desired (horizontal curves). (22.3 KB)

That’s a peculiar way of using it but OK…

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