Group Naming

I’m not a huge fan of groups but in some situations I like having the ability to quickly select a set of objects instead of having to select by some other attribute.

When baking with EleFront, there used to be an option to bake objects in the same path as a group. The group name is ‘Group’ and a running number.

The Properties panel does not show Group Names. In V7, the Type entry would show ‘3 closed extrusions, grouped’. I don’t see this in V8. I need to open the ‘Details…’ window at the bottom of the Properties panel to see the Group Name of an object.

I know how to change Group Names but what about adding the option to create / modify Object Groups in Grasshopper? I think this option could be added to both the new Rhino components and EleFront.

Or is there a reason not to use groups at all?


@martinsiegrist I guess I’m confused as to what you want to do. A group is really just a list of geometry. There’s no other attributes that you can change that are specific to groups. You can of course change the groups’ name, layer, color, visibility, etc… just like any other object but I’m confused what it is you want to be able to change/modify. Grasshopper has had group tools for a while and now with the other components in the Rhino tab, you should be able to change the groups’ attributes quite easily. The screenshot below shows changing the groups’ name, but let me know if this is not what you’re after.

Thanks for your reply, Andy.

Baking a group defined like you show in the screenshot above creates objects with object names ‘MyGroup’. The objects are in a group called ‘Group01’ or when baked a second time ‘Group02’.

As mentioned above, I know how to rename the group name but I was wondering if the group name could be set when objects are baked and why the group name is burried in the details window / object description and not visible in the properties.

Hi @martinsiegrist !

I think there are 2 bugs and wish here.

In terms of the grasshopper bug. There should be a quick way to name the group and there’s not. Andy and I just had a quick chat about how to deal with that and he has some ideas.

As for the object properties panel. It does appear that in the “Type” row, we’ve left off the “, grouped” identifier when selecting objects that are in a group. I’ve made a YT for that and will get that patched up. Thanks for catching it.

As for showing the name of the group that the object resides in, I agree that we could certainly put it somewhere on the object properties panel since the group ID is part of the objects attributes (properties). We’ll need to kick around where the best location for it an the amount of real estate it’s allowed but that’s a different conversation for all of us to bat around. I’ve made a YT for that request as well.

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Thanks for the reply and YT’s.

Regarding the baking issue, I think there should be a way to bake with individual object names and group names.

Yep, we agree. The group naming should be done by the group component, which has a couple of hurdles for compatibly to clear but Andy has some ideas.

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