Gridshell with similar length

Hello there,

so I am relatively new to GH so this may be an easy to fix problem. I found the attached file in an old discussion
and I want to add the angular values of the draped mesh (see attached picture) but I dont exactly know how to do that.

I would really appreciate if somebody could help me :slight_smile:

gridshell_drape (1).gh (19.1 KB)

Hi @ptik.s501
Here’s a recent example of an equal edge length gridshell

When you say you want to add the angles, do you mean to show them as dimensions? or to actually control them?
If you have a target surface and equal edge lengths, this generally determines the angles (i.e. the varying corner angles of the quads is what allows the grid to fit the shape without changing edge lengths).


Hi Daniel,

thank you for the reply.
Thats actually an another interesting example on how to construct these gridshells.

But I face the same problem here. I actually want to display or show the angles in the mesh itself, but I find it rather difficult because the resulting draped gridshell isn’t a mesh anymore.

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To keep the mesh use a ‘Show’ component like this:

Could you send me a link to that file? I’m a newbie so I dont know what component that is or where to find it. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your help

Ah sorry, I mean to include it in my last post: (10.2 KB)

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