Insert bracing for a gridshell

Do some of you guys know if it is possible to add bracing for an already formed gridshell structure like shown below.

The idea is to use a grid like this just simplified in grasshopper.:

Hope someone is willing to help :slight_smile:

Take your relaxed quad mesh (if you only have lines you’ll need to connect the input mesh to a ‘Show’ component and that to the solver), then use ‘Face Boundaries’ to get the quad outlines.
Then use ‘Explode’ and ‘List Item’ to get the vertices, and create a line from vertex 0 to 2 and from 1 to 3 to get the diagonals.

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Thank you @DanielPiker for the quick answer. I how now tried to do it, but it doesn’t seems to work. Sure i did something wrong…

Oh i see now… i should not use VertexNeigbours. It works perfectly! Thank you

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a quick note, if you zoom in on the list item component, you can add more index items to the output, like so:

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