Mesh drape on any solid


I’m experiencing some issues while trying to adapt this program to be able to drape a mesh on any solid by anchoring multiple points instead of just one.

I also tried this file
gridshell_drape (1).gh (19.1 KB)
in changing the sphere to any brep I want but that doesnt work that well either.

Your ideas would be very appreciated. :slight_smile: (33.0 KB)
Hi @ptik.s501
Have a go with this

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Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:

I keep having the same problem, that the mesh somehow falls throug my brep.

Any idea why?

Is that a surface you’ve turned into a mesh, then from the mesh back into a polysurface with a patch for each mesh face?

SolidPointCollide actually works with a mesh, so you can input a mesh in directly, or you can input a Brep and it automatically gets turned into a mesh, but if you’re starting from a mesh there’s no reason to turn it into a Brep.

You need a closed solid, but if you have just an open NURBS surface, the way I’d recommend is to extrude the top surface down a good distance (you don’t want it too thin or points might pass through) and input that

image (38.8 KB)

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Yeah pretty much.

The extrusion was actually the solution to my problem.

Thanks a lot.

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