Grids on Ladybug/Honeybee result analysis

Can anyone help me figure out how to turn off the grid from the ladybug result? I don’t have this problem when I used Rhino 5. But the grid shows up on the ladybug result when I upgrade to Rhino 6. I check different display mode (wireframe, shaded, rendered,etc) in Rhino, it still there. I also check the display mode in GH too. If I try to hide it by using Preview in GH, the result and grid will be gone together. I also try the older version component, it still the same. Maybe it is the display mode of the component? I am not sure.

I will be really grateful if anyone can help me out with this
Thank you!!

Go to Grasshopper window > Dispaly > preview mesh edges

I got it! Thank you so much!