No result stripes in radiation analysis with ladybug

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to do a radiation analysis with ladybug but it is showing wrong results. In the vertical faces of my geometries it shows some black stripes combined with the correct radiation results.


I have tried to generate the geometries in lots of different ways (first extruding closed curves in rhino, then in grasshopper, from basic geometries in rhino or grasshopper…) checking always that the face normals are facing out but the only thing that works well is when I do a simple box. I have also tried to change the grid size or the disfromBase, but didn’t work. Can anyone give me a clue of why is this happening and what can I do to solve it?

Thank you all for your time!


Radiation (1.0 MB)

Found the problem!!! In case anyone has a similar problem, the model seems to be really far from the origin of the CPlane. So I moved it to point (0,0,0) and now it is working well