Grid snap disable hotkey/shortcut

Is there one? It’s so disruptive when you are alternating and drawing! Fanx

By default this should be on F9… It’s a toggle, not a temporary disable.


Thank you Mitch but this is not a helpful solution as I would have to let go my mouse and use two hands to press Fn and F9. I want to be able to press something like CTRL or Shift+Ctrl, you know? I know, it’s chronic, get your hanky out, but is there anything else you can offer? Thank you

This topic is under Windows Rhino so I assumed you had a standard Windows keyboard with standard function keys - so you don’t need to press fn…

The Windows function keys are the only ones that can offer a single key press… Otherwise, you can assign '_Snap to Ctrl+something (but a lot of those are already used by “standard” shortcuts), or Ctrl+Shift+something… You can do this in Options>Keyboard…


I’m on a (large) laptop and you have to press Fn to get the F9. (Big hand stretch for 2 fingers). Yes, I will have to investigate the other options, I just was refusing to believe there wasn’t something better! Thank you.

Thank you for that, I did not know how to do _snap, so a big help and now this is a real time saver for me!

Don’t forget the ’ (apostrophe) in front of _Snap, otherwise when you hit it it will cancel the current running command… No space between the apostrophe and _Snap…

Oh so it’s '_snap ?

Yes it is I see, ta