Grid on several surfaces

how can i create a grid which cover more than just one surface and its not influenced by the editpoint grid??
i had that often this problem an i really dont know how to solve this problem. without building a clean mesh or a new nurbs surface which is allways an approach only.

would safe a lot of time and nervs

Grid on severel surfs.3dm (62.2 KB) grid on severel (12.4 KB)

Hi alexwu,

Please see the attached as a workflow to achieve what you are looking for. I made it using the PanelingTools plugin from McNeel Labs plugin for Rhino.

I did not use PanelingTools for GH in the sample, but you can certainly translate the solution into parametric. Let me know if you need further help.
Grid on severel (203.2 KB)

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hi rajaa,
big thanks for your reply.
in this case it works quit well because it is an simple extrude.
so maybe it is not the best example of surfaces from my side. so i have always to extract some informations (in this case the edges) from my origin surf to generate a help geometrie to get to my result. and no chance to use directly the created surfaces.


You could use the surface, but sometimes you don’t even have to go trouble to create one to start with. It is a case by case situation. Please feel free to post various cases and I can walk you through them.

ok thank you… and yes I will post some new cases