Grid based on two curves

Hello, I’m a GH beginner trying to figure out a way to trace a grid based on two input curves following these few simple principles:

The idea is to have two different grids, both aligned to the initial curves. Elements on Grid A are supposed to be 12 to 20 ft apart, while the distance gets from 6 to 10 for Grid B.
I had been trying to do it manually on rhino, though I switched to grasshopper as soon as I figured how tricky that could get with narrow curves

The example on top is done on rhino, while at the bottom you can see the best I could could do with grasshopper for the same curves.
Here’s also a screenshot of the definition I’m attaching

Could anyone please give some tips on how to proceed? My experience with grasshopper is really basic and I’m stuck at this point.
180403_GRID (15.0 KB)
180403_GRID TEST.3dm (15.1 MB)

Something like this? (12.6 KB)

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There is no way in hell doing this with a perpendicular array

I know, that’s actually part of the issue. And that’s why I had tried using arcs instead, though it didn’t help much…

Thank you, that’s a pretty good one, except I cannot really get it to work with more complex geometries such as mine.