I am looking to make an array of curves from a circle centre point on a surface but I want to have a perpendicular distance of 600mm at the ends (as per image attached) is there a way to do this in Grasshopper? Hope that makes sense…

Please Help! Thank you.


Are the red 600mm segments straight lines?
It looks like you started at the yellow right-angle indicator (an arbitrary location) and are moving clockwise (an arbitrary direction)? Moving the red 600mm segments closer to the center or further away until they intersect the perimeter curve?

In addition to answering these questions, it would be best if you post a GH file with your geometry.

Yes, they are straight, perpendicular to the array, intersecting with the perimeter curve. Basically, if this is a roof and the lines are seams, the width of these seams needs to be 600mm. The image attached was just a quick sketch manually done in rhino of what id like to achieve in grasshopper (if possible) - no GH file just yet.

Hope that’s clearer.

Yeah, but why should we all do that again? Nothing about that image suggests a roof to me?

Do what again? Its a plan of the roof…

OK, I’m done with this one. Why should we each be required to make a drawing to scale to test a solution? Again, nothing about that image suggests a roof to me? I won’t repeat my questions about arbitrary start location and arbitrary direction since you didn’t answer them the first time.