Greatly cheaper HDR Light Studio alternative released

I found this in another forum – maybe this is intersting for the render guys…
There’s a new, very affordable HDR-Lighting app out: Real HDR. I have not tested it yet though.


Great, a HDR light studio alternative on the way. Still very basic, but I hope it will grow. Thank you for the note here.

Yeah, it’s time for a reasonably priced product – the cost for HDR Light Studio is completely insane: It’s quite a simple utility program after all.

I’m sure that Real HDR could write a low resolution file after every stroke.
Plugged into the environment chanel of any renderer which listens for changes in its source files you should be able to see lighting changes pretty much in realtime. I could simulate this with a Photoshop HDR and a little script which saved the file automatically after every pen-stroke.

Also what HDR Light Studio calls Light Painting should be possible (click on object and the Light is placed accordingly) and should work with every engine – but that would require a bit of bidirectional data transfer.

The light paint feature is one of the most important missed feature for me. Also I miss option for the light opacity, for example logarithmic distribution and hard edges. And a HDRI background is needed.

HDRLS is totally overpriced and it contain a lot of unneeded features. For example I never missed to load a model to HDRLS.

I looked for a way to contact the Real HDR team, but I found no email adress. Do you have an idea?

This all should not be too difficult and is likely in their plans anyway.

Hooking up Light painting (unless I’m overlooking something) only would mean sending over a single 3D coordinate to their software and mapping it to their unwrapped environment sphere.

I have not been in contact yet, but I found this E-Mail address, indeed quite hidden. There’s a contact form too.

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