ALPHA New realtime renderer for Rhino3d

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DEMO Windows LightUp v4 for Rhino3d. Its a free demo.

This is a first peek of a new realtime renderer for Rhino3d. Its not finished, there are bugs, but we hope it shows what its capable of.

Double click on the download to install it. NB You will need your LightUp Registration Key to enter when you first run the Plugin. This is shown on the download page and you’ll get an email with this info too.

LightUp renders inside the Rhino viewport so you can navigate in smooth, realtime.

LightUp has 2 modes: “Incremental Render” and “Full Bake”. The former is great for moving around, adjusting settings and getting the lighting rigged using Draft quality, after which you can do a full make and export ultra high resolution images in a few seconds.

Supports realtime reflections, IES lights, realtime postprocessing and more.

We’ll get some video tuts up showing how to use LightUp in Rhino.

Be great to get your feedback on the forum or email


Here’s a quick screencast of it in action!

LightUp for Rhino ALPHA screencast

Nice demo.
Can you share the specs of the workstation used?

Marc, its an old packard bell PC I recently upgraded to Windows 10.

i7 @ 2.6GHz with a ATI Radeon HD 5570

That’s pretty impressive - not a huge amount of geometry though. Presumably the performance will drop for larger scenes

We pushed a new build today that fixes handling of Group Materials and also enables exporting your lit model with all materials to a .luca file which can be loaded by the free standalone LightUp Player. Go to Exporter->Player.

LightUp Player allows you to share design ideas with others that don’t have Rhino.
Its available for PC, Mac, Android and iOS