Brazil and HDR Light Studio?

Hey Andy…any chance Brazil4Rhino could get this integration? Vray4Rhino has it and stand alone Arion does too.

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Thought I would bump this up so as not to get lost in all of the holidaying. It would make a great addition to Brazil.

I purchased it over the holidays and it makes for a great addition to Arion Standalone and with the demo of Vray4Rhino.

When I first saw this, I downloaded the demo and I had intended to try it out. Unfortunately, I managed to get distracted.

Does it save an HDR file on the disk as it works?

Here’s a quick video on how one would use HDRLS if connected to Brazil.

I’m not sure if it saves back-ups as you work but the end result is a saved HRDI, if you want. With Neon’s near realtime rendering and something like HDRLS, Brazil would become a very potent rendering solution for product visualization. It currently is but once you play around with HDRLS and Vray4Rhino it really opens up creativity and speed of completion.

This shows Vray4Rhino using HDRLS: